Spoiled Chinese Son Beats His Own Parents For Buying Him a ‘Small’ Apartment

My parents always taught me the importance of humility and gratitude. These values have always stuck with me and I’m eternally grateful that they raised me right. This is why I feel like flipping a table over every time I see somebody mistreating their parents.

A video has gone viral in China showing a spoiled and sorry excuse of a son punching and kicking his parents on the street. What’s the reason behind the attack, you ask? Because they bought an apartment as a wedding present that turned out to be “too small” for his tastes.

The attack went on for a little bit until onlookers learned that the man was attacking his own parents and intervened. The cops eventually came and arrested the man.

To whoever this man’s wife is: you sure know how to pick them.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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