NYC Man Arrested for Allegedly Spitting, Yelling Racial Slurs at Woman for Being Asian

NYC Man Arrested for Allegedly Spitting, Yelling Racial Slurs at Woman for Being Asian

August 10, 2020
A man who allegedly spit on an Asian woman and blamed her for the COVID-19 pandemic was recently apprehended. 
The suspect, identified as 39-year-old Billy Rosario, was arrested for screaming racial slurs at a fellow passenger on a Bronx subway at around 8 a.m. on July 31. 
The incident happened inside an uptown No. 5 train passing into the Westchester Ave./Jackson Ave. station in Melrose, reports New York Daily News.
“Asians caused the virus!” Rosario reportedly shouted at the victim. “Go back to China! Go back to Manhattan!”
According to the police, Rosario then spit on 30-year-old Crisanna Tang before exiting the train at Jackson Ave.
In an interview with News 12, Tang shared that she was on her way to work at New York City’s Health and Hospital’s Jacobi when the incident happened.
“The train starts to move and then he follows me to my seat and he starts coughing and spitting and yelling all these racial slurs — I should go back to China and that my people were the ones that were bringing the virus here,” she was quoted as saying.
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Tang refused to be brought to the hospital for a check-up because she was not physically injured.
On Wednesday, the local authorities released a surveillance photo of Rosario to the public, which eventually led to his arrest.
Rosario, a resident of the Bronx, is currently facing aggravated harassment charges for his actions. 
After his arrest, Rosario was given a desk appearance ticket. He is set to face the charges in court at a later date.
Feature image via NYPD and News12
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