Spider With a ‘Happy Old Man’s Face’ is Driving People Nuts on Twitter

A spider with the face of a “happy old man” has gone viral on Japanese social media, with many expressing delight at such an unusual sight.

Twitter user Yomikikaseya Sachie (@yomu556) shared photos of the critter on April 3.

This old man is clearly having a good time.

The backdrop of white petals certainly adds up to this moment of bliss.

According to SoraNews24, this spider belongs to a variety of crab spider called hanagumo, characterized by green abdomens that come in patterns.

Amused users compared the spider to a different things, including the character Tingle from the “Legend of Zelda.”

Netizens commented:

“Oh my god.”

“It looks like it’s having a lot of fun.”

“I’m going to remember this face.”

“Uncle or mister.”

“This is actually cute.”

Perhaps not all spiders need be killed with fire.

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