Asian ‘Clint Eastwood’ Fends Off His Sixth Robber at Gunpoint From His Convenience Store

Asian ‘Clint Eastwood’ Fends Off His Sixth Robber at Gunpoint From His Convenience Store

September 22, 2017
One store owner in Cocoa, Florida, who was dubbed by local residents as the “Client Eastwood” of convenient stores, recently chased off his sixth would-be robber, like straight out of an old-school action movie.
The shop owner, Sowann Suy, fended off yet another culprit on Wednesday morning by using one of his trusty sidearms. According to a witness, a man was spotted trying to leave the store with beers hidden inside each of his pockets.
Suy noticed and before the man could exit the store, he already had his gun prepared for the worst. WESH 2 News reported that the store owner fired a warning shot into the air as the unidentified assailant tried to beat him up.
I told him to give my beer back, and he ignored it. I pointed a gun at him, and he gave me my beer back, and I shot one bullet in the air,” Suy said.
Authorities took Suy in for questioning after the incident. Fortunately, he was released shortly after, while the suspect is now in police custody.
This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to rob Suy’s shop. In 2009, the Suy shot an armed robber in the stomach after he burst inside his store waving his gun. The man was charged with armed robbery after recovering from his gunshot wound.
The following year, Suy was attacked by another man in his store. Without displaying any weapons, the man demanded Suy to take out the money he had in the cash register, Daily Mail reported. But instead of obliging to the robber’s demand, he gave him only two options: get out or get shot.
I just scared him off,” the shop owner said at the time, adding, “I let him get away.”
In 2016, Suy had his biggest encounter after three incompetent robbers attempted a stick-up at his store. After seeing them enter, without hesitation, Suy pulled out his own gun and shot one of the masked men carrying a gun. The suspect was later identified as Norrick Hyman who is now serving 20 years in jail.
Image: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office via Daily Mail
People are lazy – don’t want to work. They want easy stuff. That’s not right,” Suy said in his message to all the robbers. “You live in the United States, should be everybody has to work hard for it. Earn your own money.”
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