South Koreans Reveal What They Really Think of Black People

South Koreans Reveal What They Really Think of Black People
Carl Samson
February 13, 2017
What do Koreans think about black people? 
To put this in context, Ghanaian TV personality Sam Okyere recently recalled racist experiences he encountered in South Korea, so we’re curious to hear the local opinion.
Interestingly, people from Asian Boss took to the streets and asked:
“What kind of stereotypes or perceptions do you think Korean society has about black people? For example, where are they from, their character or social status, etc.”
One said most think they come from a single place:
Another admired their physical strength:
A woman recalled creepy stereotypes:
Yet one claimed it’s the previous generation who sees them differently:
“I don’t think our generation has a very negative perception towards them. It’s actually our parents’ generation that would see black and white people a little differently.”
When asked whether they’ve seen racist encounters personally:
“I’ve only heard of stories on the news… That when a black person tried to apply to an academy as an English teacher, they told him that they only wanted white English teachers.”
“When I was serving in the military, I saw shop owners treating my fellow black soldiers differently.”
“Blacks definitely get made fun of. Because people think they don’t understand Korean, they’d say things like ‘negro’ or ‘blackie.’ I hear people saying things like that on occasion.”
As to where these stereotypes are coming from, the interviewees had a consensual answer:
“I’d say from TV.”
“From the media. Even in the American movies Koreans grew up watching, black people are portrayed as poor while white people are always seen as rich and elitist. The movies definitely help form certain perceptions.”
When prompted, they also spoke about racial discrimination they experienced oversees:
Check out the full video below:
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