YouTuber busts men filming women illegally in S. Korea

  • A YouTuber in South Korea is being hailed as a hero for catching men who illegally film women in public spaces.
  • When the YouTuber spots these men, he grabs them before calling the police, ignoring the men’s pleas for him to stop.
  • In some cases, the YouTuber has instructed police on where to find hidden evidence on the suspect’s phones.
  • The YouTuber, who hopes to educate viewers on the extent of the country’s spycam epidemic, has set a goal to catch 100 illegal spycam perpetrators and turn them in to the police. 

To battle South Korea’s spy cam epidemic, one YouTuber takes matters into his own hands by catching men who film women illegally.

Once the YouTuber, who runs a channel called “Jail Leader – A Channel for Educating Spy Cam Criminals,” spots a man taking illegal photos and videos of women in public spaces, he chases them down and stays with them until the authorities arrive.

Some of the men can be seen in his videos begging the YouTuber to stop, calling him “hyung-nim” (older brother in Korean) and apologizing on their knees. The YouTuber, however, shows no mercy. 

When some of the men try to apologize to him and claim they are going through a tough time, the YouTuber responds, “Why are you being sorry to me? I’m not the victim.”

During some of his busts, the YouTuber has informed police on where to find evidence on the suspects’ phones, which may have the illicit footage stored in hidden folders.

The YouTuber, who has set a goal to catch 100 spy cam criminals and send them to jail, hopes that his channel can raise awareness of the spread of “molka” (secret or hidden cameras in Korean) in the country. Between 2013 and 2018, more than 30,000 cases of illegal filming were reported to South Korean police. In 2020, 4,881 spy cam-related crimes were reported.

The YouTuber began his channel around one month ago and has already garnered over 76,000 subscribers.

Last week, a medical student attending Yonsei University had his first trial after he was arrested for illegally taking 32 photos and videos of female students in a campus bathroom.


Featured Image via 감빵인도자-몰카범참교육채널


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