South Korean YouTuber goes viral after being called ‘coronavirus’ in TikTok video

South Korean YouTuber goes viral after being called ‘coronavirus’ in TikTok video
Khier Casino
November 18, 2022
A South Korean social media personality was traveling in India when he caught the moment he was racially harassed by a local while walking down an alleyway live on camera.
In the video, the YouTuber and TikToker known as Tooth Breaker is filming himself strolling the street at night when a man hanging out with a group of friends shouts, “Coronavirus!”
“What’s that?” the TikToker replies as the man attempts to introduce himself.
Tooth Breaker asks the man if he thinks he is of Chinese origin and if he has eyes, pointing to the Hangul on his hat. The man’s friends laugh behind him as he responds with, “Korea! K-pop!”
“No, don’t say Corona to me, okay?” Tooth Breaker retorts, before asking the man, “If I say Pakistan to you, you’re feeling not good, right?”
The man salutes Tooth Breaker as he yells out that he loves Pakistan.
It is unclear where the video was recorded, but a sign for the Hotel Amax Inn is seen in the background. A quick Google Maps search reveals that the hotel is located in New Delhi.
Some TikTok commenters praised Tooth Breaker for standing his ground against the man’s racist remarks, while others found the man’s declaration of love for Pakistan humorous.
The video has garnered more than 800,000 likes and 10 million views since it was shared on Nov. 16.
Featured Image via toothtiktok
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