South Korean Women B‌‌e‌‌at‌e‌‌n Until S‌ku‌ll Ex‌po‌s‌e‌d For ‘Looking Like Feminists’

South Korean Women B‌‌e‌‌at‌e‌‌n Until S‌ku‌ll Ex‌po‌s‌e‌d For ‘Looking Like Feminists’South Korean Women B‌‌e‌‌at‌e‌‌n Until S‌ku‌ll Ex‌po‌s‌e‌d For ‘Looking Like Feminists’
Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect an allegation that the women instigated the fight first.
A group of four men allegedly ‌‌as‌saul‌t‌e‌d two women in South Korea for having a short haircut and wearing no makeup, calling them “feminists.”
The inci‌de‌nt occurred around 4 a.m. at a pub near Isu Station in Seoul on Nov. 13, the Kyunghyang Shinmun reported.
Victim “B” suffers a bleeding head after the encounter. Image via Nate / Pann
According to one of the victims, it all started when she and her companion noticed a couple staring suspiciously at them from the next table.
When asked why they were staring, the couple only laughed and whispered more to each other.
The situation developed into a b‌ra‌w‌l that turned worse when, out of the blue, five men interfered in support of the couple.
One of the men ass‌a‌ults‌ one of the victims. Image via Twitter / @koryodynasty
“I’ve now seen the famous Megal-nyun,” said one of the men, combining the words Megalia, a Korean feminist community, and -nyun, roughly translating to “b**ch.”
The quarrel continued as the woman from the couple went outside to call the p‌oli‌c‌e.
Image via Twitter / @koryodynasty
The couple eventually left — along with one of the five men — but the rest went on to harass the women with insults.
They allegedly made sarcastic comments such as “Aren’t you too old for this?” and “Do you have nothing to do?”
Image via Twitter / @boroja8902
Things escalated when the women noticed that the men had been secretly filming them.
“Since it turned into a very dangerous situation, I decided to film, but one of the men took my phone,” one of the victims said. “I tried to get it back but that man smacked and choked my neck, saying ‘Don’t mess the f**k around. Born with a p***y and can’t even do this?’”
Victim “A,” who was then shoved to a wall, lost her balance and fell to the ground on her back.
“I lied on the ground because the back of my head was hurt. The group of men left the pub, running over my body, mocking me, stepping on my bag and cussing at me to move.”
Image via Twitter / @boroja8902
However, things turned bloody when Victim “B” attempted to call the p‌o‌lic‌e. She allegedly tried to catch one of the men but he violently shook her off.
“He violently pushed her between the entrance and the stairway. I repeatedly asked them to stop pushing her but they didn’t stop. One of them then kicked her, and she was thrown to the air with the back of her head hitting the edge of the stairs,” “A” recalled.
“I was so shocked and immediately raised her up but there was so much blood coming out from her head. The men ran off as soon as they saw it. I tried to wipe off the blood but my hands were shaking.”
Image via Twitter / @boroja8902
Po‌li‌c‌e arrived at the scene 30 minutes later. Surprisingly, all four men returned just as “A” was being questioned.
They claimed that “B” had fallen down and hit her head by herself.
The incident has gone viral on South Korean social media through the hashtag #이수역_폭행남 (#IsuStation_MaleAssault).
A tipster told NextShark that Koreans have been pleading to get the word out on international news as mainstream Korean media are “trying to cover this up.”
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Another version of the story claimed that the two women had provoked the men first, “making fun of their ‘Korean man’ dick and daring to hit them first.”
A video showing the women “egging” the men before the situation turned physical has gone viral on Korean social media.

“B” is currently recovering from her head wound, which turned out to be so deep that her skull was already visible. She has since been suffering from headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite and stomach aches.
Meanwhile, “A” has been calling for help so that other women would not have to suffer a similar experience. A petition urging the South Korean government to take action was launched and has garnered at least 337,000 signatures to date.
“I was as‌sa‌ult‌e‌d only because I was not wearing makeup and my haircut was short,” said “A.”
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