Woman arrested for fatally stabbing her parents in South Korea says ‘a ghost told me to do it’

  • A woman in her 30s was arrested on Friday morning in South Korea after stabbing her parents to death and running away.
  • At the police station, she reportedly refused to speak to authorities and began shouting and cursing at investigators while speaking in gibberish.
  • The woman, who had a history of receiving psychiatric treatment four to five years ago, admitted that she committed the murders because “a ghost said to.”
  • Police are expecting to begin interrogating the woman as early as Saturday, while details of the crime are currently being investigated.

On Friday morning, police in Gunpo, Gyeonggi province, of South Korea arrested a woman in her 30s on murder charges after she allegedly stabbed her parents to death.

The woman, who lived alone in Dang-dong, is suspected of killing her 65-year-old father and 57-year-old mother at their apartment in Sanbon-dong. She had reportedly visited her parents the day before the incident at around 5:20 p.m. Police are still investigating the exact time of the murders. 

The woman’s father was reportedly ill for a long time and was nearly immobile. Both victims were found dead by the suspect’s sister, who stopped by the home and reported the crime to police at 1:32 a.m. on Friday. 

Within three hours of the incident, police arrested the woman at a convenience store after tracking her cell phone’s location for an hour and a half. CCTV footage showed the woman sitting inside the convenience store, which is located about 1 kilometer (approximately 0.6 miles) away from the crime scene.

At the time of her arrest, the woman purportedly expressed strong resistance and yelled at police. At the police station, she is said to have cursed and shouted at investigators while speaking incoherently. She then reportedly admitted that she killed her parents and stated: “I did it because a ghost told me to.”

The woman purportedly has a history of mental illness, having received psychiatric treatment four to five years ago. 

Police have requested autopsies from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences and are currently investigating the exact details of the crime as well as CCTV footage and the woman’s statements. An interrogation of the suspect is expected to begin as early as Saturday. 


Featured Image via KBS

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