South Korean Tulip Corn Dogs Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Everland’s Tulip Festival is now in full bloom!

As part of their celebration, South Korea’s largest themepark has put the flower on its corn dogs – and wow, they do look appetizing!

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This year’s Tulip Festival in the park, which is located at Yongin city, Gyeonggi-do province, began on March 16 and it is expected to reach its climax next weekend, April 29, according to Visit Korea.

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South Korea’s version of corn dog is a bit different than the ones being sold in the United States.

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The batter that they use is more akin to pancakes or waffle batter than the corn-based one they use in the U.S., Kotaku reported.

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Everyone seems to enjoy Everland’s tulips corn dog – from kids to adults.

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Makes you wonder if the design has some sort of flavor or if it’s just there for the aesthetics.

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Jal meokgesseumnida (let’s eat)!

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Featured image via Instagram / cha_stargram

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