South Korean Teen Rapists Get Light Sentence Because Judge Thinks They Deserve Another Chance

South Korean Teen Rapists Get Light Sentence Because Judge Thinks They Deserve Another Chance

December 15, 2016
Four South Korean 17-year-olds convicted of raping a female high school student will serve lighter-than-light sentences of two years and six months to three years with probation.
The four male teens allegedly got the victim drunk while they were all hanging out together in May. When the girl dozed off, they took her to a motel and proceeded to sexually assault her, according to a police report.
“Based on the method of the crime and the damage, we conclude that the crime was of a grave nature. Also, the victim is under great emotional distress… However, considering that the defendants are being repentant after a long time in jail, and they were able to settle with the victim, and the victim also asked they not be punished, the Jeonju District Court stated on December 14, AllkPop reported.
“We also noted that there is a need for the young boys to be able to be reinstituted back into the society as normal citizens, the judge added, explaining the light sentencing.
This is hardly the first time a judge has given a light sentence in a rape case in South Korea.
In an unrelated 2004 incident, 41 male high school students allegedly raped a number of female students over an 11-month period in what became known as the Miryang gang rape, according to Vice News. None of the boys were convicted.
In 2014, a suspected rapist was acquitted due to his penis being too curved to have been put in the victim’s vagina without assistance.
In May of this year, a South Korean court said a 13-year-old girl with a mental disability who ran away from home had not been raped. The men involved were prosecuted for prostitution.
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