South Korean Nurses Allegedly Forced to Do Sexy Dance in Front of Hospital Executives

South Korean Nurses Allegedly Forced to Do Sexy Dance in Front of Hospital Executives
Ryan General
November 15, 2017
A South Korean hospital is facing huge backlash for allegedly forcing female nurses to entertain managers by performing a provocative sexy dance while wearing skimpy outfits at a recent company event.
According to the Korea Times, the Korean Nurses Association released a statement on Monday demanding an investigation of Hallym University’s Sacred Heart Hospital, which is run by the Il-song Foundation in Chuncheon. The group owns three universities and seven hospitals across the country.
“This is a grave challenge to the vocation and self-esteem of nurses,” the Korean Nurses Association said in a statement. “There are numerous nurses who endure an intense workload, low paycheck and frequent overtime with their sense of duty and vocation. Considering this, the scandal was defamatory and offensive to these nurses.”
The incident was brought to light on Friday after a nurse took to social media to post a video of the performance reportedly done in October. “Those forced to dance are usually the newly hired nurses, who are unable to refuse such orders,” the nurse wrote in the video caption.  “We were forced to dance in front of high-ranking officials of the firm, who sat side-by-side at a long table.”
In the widely shared clip, the nurses were shown doing a sexually suggestive dance while wearing short pants and tight tube tops at an annual sports event.  Some nurses were seen crying with shame during such events, another nurse claimed.
South Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labor has since responded to the claims saying that they have already initiated an investigation. “If we find legal problems, we will summon the hospital officials responsible,” the agency was quoted as saying.
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