South Korean Hospital Denies Responsibility After Destroying a Woman’s Face

South Korean Hospital Denies Responsibility After Destroying a Woman’s Face
Ryan General
November 8, 2016
A hospital in South Korea has denied responsibility for a patient after her face ended up horribly disfigured due to a nose surgery gone wrong.
As featured in a recent episode of the ‘Story Hunter’, the unfortunate story of 33-year-old Kim Min Joo began when she originally visited an otorhinolaryngology for the treatment of her rhinitis, according to AllKPop.
During her visit, she was advised by the hospital to also make her nose a bit higher via a cosmetic nose surgery. She later agreed and had her nose done. The procedure looked as though it was a success and Kim was actually satisfied.
However, severe side effects eventually surfaced, causing Kim to have trouble breathing and sleeping as blisters started forming inside her nostrils.
When Kim sought help from the hospital, she was told that the side effects she was experiencing were normal and would later subside. As a remedy to the irritation, the hospital simply recommended an over-the-counter ointment.
Contrary to the hospital’s claims, however, the side effects did not subside and only got worse. It came to the point when the bones inside Kim’s nose collapsed. She then went to a different hospital to undergo another procedure, where skin from her forehead was used to fix her nose.
After her second nose surgery was completed, Kim returned to the hospital that botched her face in the first place. Instead of dealing with her cordially, she was reportedly told to stop coming:
“Let’s stop talking about this. If you can’t accept [your surgery results], then just sue us.”
Expressing her frustrations on ‘Story Hunter’, Kim asked:
“Will I be able to get married? Or make money? I really think my life is ruined.”
In tears, Kim stated, “I just want to be pretty.”
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