Korean entertainment CEO allegedly forced female trainees to send him risqué photos every week

Korean entertainment CEO allegedly forced female trainees to send him risqué photos every weekKorean entertainment CEO allegedly forced female trainees to send him risqué photos every week
South Korean police are investigating the CEO of South Korean entertainment agency LPA Entertainment for allegedly forcing female trainees send photos of themselves wearing only their underwear every week.
A complaint filed in June stated that Lee Sul demanded female trainees send him “body check” photos every Tuesday from April through June. The women were allegedly required to take front, back and side photos.
On Monday, Twitter user @Galaxyeyoung, who goes by “A,” shared a series of posts and screenshots of text messages revealing what allegedly happened to her while she was a trainee at LPA Entertainment. 
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After passing the first phase of her audition, the CEO allegedly asked “A” for her Kakaotalk details “so we can proceed to the second step.” “A” shared a screenshot of the text message she purportedly received from Lee on the messaging platform which stated, “We will now begin step two.”
“A” initially quit after she was asked for a dancing video, but she returned three weeks later. Although LPA Entertainment would request dancing and singing videos on a frequent basis, they then allegedly began to ask for photos of “A” without her clothes for purported dietary purposes. “A” added that she was a minor and felt very uncomfortable with the situation.
The trainee then asked for examples to clarify what they were looking for.
“I thought I got it wrong, so I asked for an example photo and they sent me pictures of two AngelRus members without clothes and with their body measurements next to them,” “A” wrote.
She expressed that she felt “dirty and insecure” following the photos and did not want to contact LPA Entertainment anymore.
A former trainee from AngelRus also came forward and told YTN that she felt anxious about sending the photos and was worried that they may be leaked. The girl added that after having a conversation with her aunt, both felt that sending the photos crossed the line.
“The company asked me to send the photos but I wasn’t sure if I had to so I talked with my aunt who said, ‘This is a bit much,’ so I didn’t send them,” the former trainee told YTN. “I was also worried. If I send the photo I wouldn’t know how [the CEO] would be using them.”
Lee reportedly claimed that the photos from both international and Korean trainees were consensual. He added that it was a method done to help the trainees debut quicker.
Incheon police raided Lee’s office last month and confiscated his computer and phone, according to reports. Investigators are currently conducting a forensic analysis on Lee’s devices.
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