South Korean Olympians Might Get Kicked Off Their Team For Bullying Another Athlete

South Korean Olympians Might Get Kicked Off Their Team For Bullying Another Athlete

South Korea is currently embroiled in a bullying controversy surrounding one Olympic speed skating team, where nearly 500,000 people have called for the removal of two unsportsman-like athletes.

February 20, 2018

Two speed skaters on a South Korean women’s team have recently come under fire for what has been viewed as bullying their teammate.

South Korean olympic bullying

Kim Bo-reum, Park Ji-woo, and Noh Seon-yeong placed seventh in the quarter-finals, eliminating themselves from moving forward in the event.

Noh Seon-yeong

Why did they lose? According to Kim and Park, they placed the blame solely on Noh in a very unsportsmanship-like manner.

South Korea Bullying

“We were skating well,” Kim said of herself and Park in an interview. Sniggering, she added: “But the last skater couldn’t keep up and we had a disappointing score.”

South Korea Bullying

Park and Kim did skate well — they were four seconds faster than Noh, who crossed the finish line on her own. After finishing the team event, Noh reportedly sat down and bawled. While her coach gave her comfort, her teammates gave her the cold shoulder.

South Korea bullying olympics

Kim would later apologize for her controversial comments, but the damage had already been done — almost 500,000 people have signed a petition to remove Park and Kim from the Olympics team for their unkind behavior.

South Korea olympic bullying

“It is a clear national disgrace that such people with a personality problem are representing a country in the Olympics,” the petition read, as translated by Yahoo.

South Korea bullying

It remains to be seen if Park and Kim will remain after leaving their teammate in humiliated tears.

Images via Yonhap via Korean Herald
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