South Korean Anti-Donald Trump Group Denied Entry Into the United States

Members of the U.S. Expedition Youth Group for Impeachment of Donald Trump, the group that declared the Korean peninsula a “No Trump Zone,” were barred from flying to the United States to join an anti-Donald Trump rally.

According to Korea Herald, 14 members of the civic group were denied by United Airlines to fly to New York to attend an anti-Trump rally at the request of the U.S. government, the organization said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Image via Korea Herald / “The US Expedition Youth Group for Impeachment of Donald Trump” Facebook Page

The group reportedly planned to hold a weeklong rally in New York, Washington and Los Angeles from Oct. 25 to Nov. 1, with the United Nations headquarters and the White House as two of its potential rally spots.

“As our countrymen have successfully led our former president’s impeachment, we want to share this experience with American youth and solidarize together to get President Trump impeached as well,” the group said in its previous statement on Oct. 18.

The current issue, according to the group, will not deter them from their original plan to continue their protest against the U.S. president. The U.S. Expedition Youth Group said they will continue their activism in Korea during Trump’s visit to Seoul on Nov. 7.

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