South Korea Has the Most Random Sheep Cafe

South Korea Has the Most Random Sheep Cafe
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
March 6, 2018
Themed cafes are becoming a trend in many countries, and in South Korea, there is apparently one that is super random – it features real live sheep!
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Yes, you read that right. The place, which is located in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea, is called Thanks Nature Cafe.
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The location of the cafe can be easily missed as it is not exactly along the street. According to BuzzFeed, it is located down some stairs on the main street of Hongdae.
Image via Facebook / TNcafe
Thanks Nature Cafe has two popular sheep, Honey and Sugar.
Image via Facebook / TNcafe
Fortunately, the cafe added two new super adorable, fluffy and cuddly baby sheep last year: Anna and Sam.
Image via Facebook / TNcafe
Honey and Sugar are no doubt cute, but Anna and Sam are just too darn cuddly! Just look at them!
Image via Facebook / TNcafe
As said in the report, they have a different spot in the cafe. They have this sweet looking home outside of the window where they can just chill and watch you as you enjoy your delicious meal.
Image via Instagram / candicexcc
Image via Instagram / yeokgokfatties
The place’s owner is apparently super cool, too! He gives out some food to his customers and let them experience what’s it like to feed sheep!
Image via Instagram / selllma1
The cafe also serve yummy sheep-themed food.
Image via Instagram / _stardust.1003_
Image via Instagram / samanthashike
Image via Facebook / TNcafe
Check out the cafe’s Facebook for more details.
Feature Image via (left) Instagram / rosellasorichetti, (right) Instagram / hoty_maymei
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