YouTuber Wakes Up From Anesthesia Speaking Fluent Korean

YouTuber Wakes Up From Anesthesia Speaking Fluent KoreanYouTuber Wakes Up From Anesthesia Speaking Fluent Korean
A South African YouTuber posted a video of herself mysteriously speaking fluent Korean after she woke up from anesthesia at a hospital.
YouTuber Lindie Botes went to the hospital to get a scope done and was administered anesthesia. But the interesting part was what happened after she woke up, just right before she regained full consciousness.
In the video, Botes can be heard speaking fluent Korean as she was talking to a friend. According to AsiaOne, Botes has never lived in Korea but is a self-confessed lover of languages.
“I cannot explain why, but for some reason each time I wake up from anaesthesia, I speak Korean until I regain my consciousness completely,” Botes said.
Many online users commented on the video saying that the footage is “unbelievable”, with another saying, “She must have studied Korean very hard.” But others were not convinced and hinted it’s all just a stunt.
It was revealed that Botes, a self-described polyglot, studied Korean for nine years along with several other languages including Japanese for a few years.
The video has attracted many viewers primarily from Korea and has gained more than 250,000 views after it was posted on April 6.
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