DTF Chef Reveals the Right Way to Eat XLB and Anyone Who Says Different is a Liar

Xiao long bao — or soup dumplings — are filled with delicious broth, tender meat and love, but eating one can be difficult if you have never had the pleasure of tasting one before.

You have to be careful or you will end up with scalding hot soup on your tongue or on your clothes.

Some people might take a bite off the top to let the dumpling cool before sipping the soup.

In 2017, Time Out London received some backlash for a video that showed diners poking the traditional dumplings with chopsticks and comparing them to popping pimples.

This time, one Din Tai Fung chef from Taiwan was sick of everyone’s crap, so he was invited on “MasterChef Australia” to demonstrate how it’s really done.

According to AsiaOne, here are the instructions:

1. Using your chopsticks, carefully pick up the xiao long bao and dip them in soy and vinegar sauce.

2. Then, place the dumpling on a spoon and poke a little hole at the bottom to let all the soup out.

3. Drink the savory soup.

4. Finally, put some ginger and more sauce if you want on the dumpling and enjoy!

Watch the entire video of the chef teaching others how to eat xiao long bao below:

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