Sorry Excuse of a Man Stomps Puppy to Death Inside Elevator in China

A video of a man brutally stomping on a puppy inside an elevator for no apparent reason has sparked outrage on Chinese social media.

In the widely shared footage, the dog can initially be seen running into the elevator door just before a man enters it. The man suddenly begins violently stomping on the defenseless animal before the door closes. Once the door closes, the man stops stomping on the dog and hits a button on the elevator panel.

The vicious unprovoked attack which reportedly happened on Saturday in Yibin, Sichuan province, lasted for a cruel 30 seconds, Shanghaiist reports. The dog begins to bleed and violently seize as the man just watches.

When the elevator doors open again, the man picks the dog up by what appears to be the tail or leg and carries it with him. While it is assumed that the attack had killed the dog, the reports cannot confirm yet as the investigations are still ongoing.

The graphic surveillance video is shown below, however, viewer discretion is advised:

While the local authorities in Sichuan have already begun investigating the incident, Chinese netizens have also reportedly conducted investigations of their own online, with some who are convinced that they have identified who the animal cruelty suspect was. One popular comment on Weibo about the video reads:

“Humans are more terrible than animals. Animals are always animals, but some humans are not human.”

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