Sorry Excuse for a Dad Abandons His Daughter in a Graveyard on Chinese New Year

One horrible father in China tied his own daughter to a bamboo cane in the middle of a graveyard and abandoned her there at midnight.

Locals found the two-year-old girl crying and shivering at Lifu Town graveyard in Qu County, Sichuan province, southwestern China.

She was discovered on January 28, which means she spent the Chinese New Year in absolute horror.

The poor little girl had turned purple from the apparent cold, said. A board pasted on her back said her name is Dian Dian, daughter of a woman surnamed Wang.

She was immediately brought to authorities who discovered that her father’s surname is Luo.

As it turned out, Wang and Luo had gotten divorced, and the cruel act was Luo’s way to get Wang’s attention, Tuko said.

Apparently, Dian Dian and Luo had been living together, while her sister stayed with Wang. Police also found that her grandmother was buried in the same graveyard.

Wang showed up later to retrieve Dian Dian. Luo had escaped after that night and is still the target of a manhunt.

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