Former Japanese A‌V‌ S‌tar Attacked By Trolls After Announcing Pregnancy

Former Japanese A‌V‌ S‌tar Attacked By Trolls After Announcing PregnancyFormer Japanese A‌V‌ S‌tar Attacked By Trolls After Announcing Pregnancy
Former Japanese a‌du‌l‌t video star Sora Aoi announced that she is five months pregnant with her husband DJ Non, but some fans did not take the news lightly.
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The 35-year-old former p‌‌o‌‌r‌‌n star, who now teaches sex education to men in China, made the announcement Tuesday on her Weibo account, according to Shanghaiist.
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In her now-deleted post, which was accompanied by a picture of her and her husband, Aoi listed the things some of her 19 million followers would say regarding her work.
I’ve heard people say: ‘She can’t get pregnant. If she has a baby, the child will be very pitiful,’” the s‌e‌x education teacher wrote. “Why have a child? Because I want a child! Obviously, I will put the child’s future first… I will work hard! I want to be a good mother.”
via Shanghaiist
While some netizens wrote negative comments, others were supportive of Aoi and her journey into motherhood.
Some of the top comments on her Weibo post were reportedly positive, congratulating her on the good news and stating that she would make a great mother.
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Aoi first announced being engaged to Japanese musician DJ Non back on January 1. In her blog, she went on to say that starting a family has always been one of her dreams.
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I’ve always wanted to get married. I love kids, and it’s always been my dream to start a lovely family…My [husband] is neither handsome nor rich, but he has removed all of my uneasiness about having been in adult films, as well as everything else,” she said, as translated by SoraNews24.
via Instagram / aoi_sola
“I don’t regret making adult films, but it’s also not like I don’t feel any embarrassment about how such work is viewed by society. To create a family, you have to accept everything about each other, your past and future, so I think my husband is really an awesome guy for accepting me.”
Featured Image via Instagram / aoi_sola (Left), Shanghaiist (Right)
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