Woman Records Racists She’s Met On Omegle During the Pandemic

Woman Records Racists She’s Met On Omegle During the Pandemic

April 22, 2020
Sophie Wang went on Omegle to find new friends during the pandemic.
There has been a rise in racist acts and xenophobia towards Asians and Asian Americans during the pandemic, and Sophie is one of many who have been calling them out.
On her TikTok account bio, @ssophiewang, she calls herself the “ceo of finding racist people on omegle” as she made a video compilation of all the racist encounters she’s had on Omegle during the pandemic, saying that she found more “racist hoes.”
“i had a lot more clips but i couldn’t fit them all in a minute #asian #coronavirus,” she wrote in the caption.
Omegle is a free online chat site that allows users to socialize with each other without having to register.
The video has over 146,000 views on TikTok, with almost 2500 comments. “I never felt so disappointed,” one user wrote. “I’m sorry who raised these people to make them think that saying things like this are okay?????” another viewer wrote.
One Omegle user called her “Ling Ling.” Another slammed his hand on the table and said he hated her for making coronavirus when she wouldn’t show her chest. Another user said there would be “no more of her kind” and he demonstrated that anyone with slitted eyes would be disintegrated by nuclear substance from “American nuclear missiles” sent to all of Asia.
She made a second video upon request of more clips from what she did not include in the first part. Instagram account Jackfroot shared it on Tuesday.
“Stop eating bats whore,” one user shouted at her.
NextShark has reached out to @ssophiewang for comment and will update this story when necessary.
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