Sony Creates Wearable Air Conditioner in Time for 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Sony has just unveiled its innovative gadget that could potentially beat — or at least lessen — the intense heat this summer, and this gadget comes in the form of a wearable air conditioner that can be slipped inside of a specially made shirt.

The Reon Pocket, a smartphone-sized cooling device, has the capability to either lower the body’s temperature as much as 23 degrees or raise it up 14 degrees, CBS Los Angeles reported.


This innovative app-controlled gadget, which is currently being crowdfunded through Sony’s First Flight acceleration program in Japan, will only have a battery life of fewer than two hours and sold for $117.

However, while this device is being referred to as a mini AC, USA Today explained that the Reon Pocket uses the Peltier effect. Essentially, it transfers the temperature difference of two objects when the electric current is maintained.

Unfortunately, the shirts specially made for the Reon Pocket device only come in men’s sizes with small, medium, and large variants. In addition, the device is only set to become available in Japan for the time being and is expected to be shipped sometime in 2020.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / First Flight JP

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