Son Roasted on Internet After Letting His Elderly Mom Travel in His Trunk

A Chinese man has suffered the wrath of the internet after photos of him driving his car with his elderly mother seated on the trunk were posted online.

Many would expect filial piety to be highly acknowledged by sons and daughters in China. However, a recent photo went viral for the way a Chinese son treated his elderly mother.

The driver and owner of the car, surnamed Li, explained what happened and reasoned out that it’s not as bad as it looks.

He said that they were going home from a family dinner after his brother got set up with a potential bride. After offering to drive everyone home, he soon realized that he would not be able to fit all of them in the car, so he asked his mother to stay at the restaurant and pick her up once he dropped off everyone to their homes.

According to Shanghaiist, the elderly woman allegedly suggested that she just sit in the trunk so that his son won’t be hassled to make two trips. The son agreed but he had no idea what was to come afterwards.

In her son’s defense, the elderly mother said that her son has been judged unfairly and claimed that he is really a good person.

Well, at least now he learned never to do it ever again.

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