Son Sac‌rifi‌ce‌s Own L‌if‌e to Protect Mother from Ar‌m‌ed Robber in China

Son Sac‌rifi‌ce‌s Own L‌if‌e to Protect Mother from Ar‌m‌ed Robber in China
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September 12, 2018
A man recently d‌ie‌d protecting his mother from a k‌n‌ife-carrying robber at a market in northern China over the weekend.
The incident took place on Saturday at a vegetable market in Wuji county, Hebei province, China when the 23-year-old son heroically stood in front of his mother to save her from a robber, according to ThePaper via South China Morning Post.
The woman, whose name was also not revealed in the report, asked her son to accompany her to the market as she previously had a run in with a purse snatcher a few days before the tragic incident. She usually goes to the market with around 2,000 yuan ($290) cash to buy meat and vegetables.
The woman, a village grocery store owner, thought that “bag snatchers only target women and I won’t feel afraid with my son there,” however, the robber did not budge even though she had her son with her at the time.
The woman was returning to her vehicle when a 32-year-old robber tried to grab her purse. After the failed attempt, she immediately ran towards her car where her son was waiting inside. Upon seeing his mother running, he got out and ran towards her to push the robber away.
Unfortunately, the suspect was carrying a weapon.
I told my son to run away. He didn’t. Instead he dragged me behind his back,” the woman told reporters. “My boy never fought with others before. He didn’t hide himself and just stood in front of me to protect me.”
After being pushed, the man pulled out a knife and approached the two victims.
I saw that man stab my boy several times. My boy fell down with his hands touching his heart,” the mother continued.
Aside from m‌ur‌d‌er, the suspect also i‌njur‌ed‌ another person when locals intervened and subdued him. Everyone worked together to hold the suspect until p‌ol‌i‌ce arrived to take him in. The injured unnamed individual was later brought to the hospital to treat his injuries.
After the heartbreaking incident, the public helped raised 2,000 yuan ($290) as financial support for the family that the man left behind. He had a wife and a 2-year-old daughter.
Images via YouTube / 澎湃新闻
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