Someone’s Sushi Came Alive and Tried to Escape at a Revolving Sushi Joint

Sushi typically comes with fresh seafood on top of rice, and yes they are mostly dead, but Sushiro, a Kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) chain in Japan, served the exact opposite for one of its sushi variants.

Twitter user @shoumizo3446 recently went to a branch of Sushiro in Japan and ordered a plate of hokkigai (surf clam) sushi.

But the Twitter user got the surprise of his life when he specifically ordered an iki hokkigai – iki, or in this case ikizukuri, means the seafood part of the sushi is prepared in the store using a real, live seafood.

The clam nigiri still twitched and even responded to the touch of a chopstick by raising its appendage, as seen in the viral video that’s been watched over 4.1 million times on Twitter.

Many netizens argued that its twitching is not a sign of freshness; suggesting this is nothing more but a reaction from the surviving nerves that were not removed properly during preparation, according to SoraNews24.

Then again, if the nerves somehow managed to survive the preparation process then it could still be considered as fresh. The Twitter user had a blast with the dish, and said it was “extremely delicious.”

Images screenshot via Twitter / @shoumizo3446

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