Someone Should Really Check the English on T-Shirts in China

Fashion can be a tricky chore; sometimes we’re just so clueless we end up going out with whatever’s immediately accessible in the closet.

But some people in China — for whatever occasion — are taking clueless to a whole new level, and having absolutely no idea what they’re donning.

Behold these raw photos (via @shanghaiobserved):

This trend, apparently, has been going on in China for a while now. In 2015, a mall in Luoyang, Henan Province, was spotted selling vulgar caps and shirts, and many shoppers were simply unaware about what the items actually said.

It’s interesting to figure out why this trend — if it even counts as one — actually exists.

If anything, these fashion items could very well violate China’s Consumer Protection law, which states that customers buying goods or services are “entitled to be treated with dignity.” This allows customers to return products they find offensive.

Unfortunately, it seems no one’s accepting the deal.

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