‘Solo Leveling’ webtoon artist Jang ‘Dubu’ Sung-rak dies

  • Jang “Dubu” Sung-rak, the South Korean artist of the popular webtoon “Solo Leveling,” died on Saturday due to a cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Redice Studio explained on Twitter that Jang was suffering from a chronic illness and thanked readers and the community for cherishing his work.
  • “Solo Leveling” ran from March 2018 to December 2021, and anime streaming giant Crunchyroll will be releasing an animated adaptation of it in 2023.

Jang “Dubu” Sung-rak, the South Korean artist of the popular webtoon series “Solo Leveling” and CEO of Redice Studio, died on Saturday from a cerebral hemorrhage.

Redice Studio, a South Korean studio that produces webtoon adaptations of novels, shared the news on Twitter on Monday, revealing that Jang had been suffering from a chronic illness.

The obituary stated:

“On July 23, 2022, Jang Sung-rak, the artist of the Solo Leveling webtoon, passed away due to a recent health deterioration.

The funeral was held at his mother’s home with his family and friends as it was their wish to hold a private funeral. 

Jang has had a health condition for a long time and passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage stemming from his condition.

We would like to thank the readers for all the love and support you’ve shown and we ask that everyone prays for Jang to rest in a better place.

The staff and producers of Solo Leveling at REDICE Studio pray for Jang to rest in peace, who always had a deep love for his work and the readers.”

The “Solo Leveling” webtoon series ran from March 2018 to December 2021. The story revolves around Seong Jin-woo, a character who is considered the weakest amongst other hunters with various magical powers. A “mysterious System” then grants him a one-of-a-kind ability to “level up” as he embarks on an adventure battling monsters.

Anime-streaming giant Crunchyroll announced earlier this month that an anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling” is scheduled to premiere next year. The anime adaptation will be developed by A-1 Pictures, the Japanese animation studio behind “Fairy Tail,” “Sword Art Online,” “Black Butler” and several other popular titles.


Featured Image via Solo Leveling(Kakao Page)

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