Yakult Soft-Serve is Now a Thing, But Only in…

Yakult Soft-Serve is Now a Thing, But Only in…Yakult Soft-Serve is Now a Thing, But Only in…
In recent months, we’ve seen the Yakult-Flavored Soju and Yakult-infused yogurt bubble tea, both of which have become an instant hit among Yakult fans.
Now a company in the Philippines is eyeing similar success with its soft-serve ice cream blended with the drink fermented with “good bacteria.”
Black Scoop Café, which is known for its trendy and unique soft-serve flavors, sells its Yakult Soft-Serve at 100 Philippines pesos ($1.90) per cone and 110 Php ($2.09) per cup.
Among other notable items sold by Black Scoop Café are the Mascarpone Soft-Serve and Pearl Milk Tea Soft-Serve, which are available in Wintermelon, Okinawa, Caramel, and Chocolate flavors.
Another recent addition to their menu is the White Rabbit Soft-Serve, which features another childhood favorite among Asians.
Soft serve ice cream lovers can get these amazing flavors by visiting the Black Scoop Café store at Diliman, QC Quezon City, Philippines.
Featured image via Instagram/Black Scoop Café
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