Influencer Tries to Pay For Filipino Artist’s $300 Portrait With a Shout-out

Influencer Tries to Pay For Filipino Artist’s $300 Portrait With a Shout-out
Ryan General
January 31, 2019
A budding artist in the Philippines has expressed his frustration on Facebook after a local social influencer allegedly sought his services in exchange for a “shout out.”
Hans Alcanzare shared screenshots on Facebook of his conversation with the said potential client who asked him to do a portrait just like the one he did of the reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray.
When Alcanzare informed the unnamed online personality that his asking price for the job is 15,000 Philippine pesos ($290), she expressed shock, apparently finding the fee to be expensive.
Citing that she is an “influencer,” she then offered to give the artist a “shout out,” meaning she would give Alcanzare some exposure on her social media. She also told the artist that his work is “easy” to do. When the artist declined the offer, the said influencer reportedly blocked him on Facebook messenger afterward.
“My work might be just a piece of shape, curve, and shade for you. But for me, I consider it as my greatest workmanship and able to call it my own ‘Masterpiece,” wrote Alcanzare on his now viral post. “I respect you as an influencer and I have nothing against with it coz’ I know that’s how you do for a living. But, I know you are getting paid for the product placements and endorsements as an influencer so please, don’t expect me to do something for free.”
“I hope you understand that I invest so much in my art materials, time, energy, and effort. Getting a shoutout doesn’t even pay bills or fill an empty stomach. Please don’t look down on us (artists) and on our arts. Thank you!” he added.
Featured image via Facebook / Hans Alcanzare
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