Asians Are Told to Leave the Train Over Coronavirus Fear in Social Experiment

Belgium coronavirus

A social experiment organized by YouTube channel Would You React? shows that many people still support the Asian community amid fear of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV or COVID-19).

The clip, which was shot in February on the Brussels Metro in Brussels, Belgium, shows a few Belgian actors telling Asian actors to get out of the train in an attempt to portray the discrimination that Asians face in Western countries during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The actors start an argument to incite reactions from fellow passengers, testing how people would react to a blatant display of racism. Despite several reports of assaults against Asian members of the community, many people still continue to show their support in eliminating discrimination and prejudice during times of need.


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So shocked at the people that stood up … the racist lady and the Asians are all actors it was a social experiment

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For instance, in the second scene of the social experiment, passengers urged the group of Asians to stay on the train after they were harassed by the female actor. After the group left, people gathered around the woman to tell her how rude she was.

However, things got out of hand when one woman began shouting in the actress’s face. Everything eventually calmed down at the end when they explained that she was in the midst of a social experiment.

Many people in the comment section applauded the experiment.

“I am Chinese and many of my friends and family members now are now living in Wuhan. They are having their most difficult moment in their lives. Thanks for showing the kindness! Belgium is a great country,” one user wrote.

“As a Chinese in America, I am touched by those courageous Belgians who stood out. Great job Belgium!” another user said.

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