SoCal Asians admitting ‘superiority complex’ sparks debate on TikTok

SoCal Asians admitting ‘superiority complex’ sparks debate on TikTokSoCal Asians admitting ‘superiority complex’ sparks debate on TikTok
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Michelle De Pacina
26 days ago
A clip of a discussion about whether Asian Americans from Southern California exhibit a superiority complex has sparked a debate among TikTok users.   
Key points:
  • The clip from an episode of “The 949 Podcast,” shared to TikTok on April 2, shows the hosts admitting to having a superiority complex as Asian Americans residing in the SoCal area. 
  • The discussion has gone viral with over 560,000 views and 1,800 comments, with some social media users sharing their negative experiences of feeling judged by SoCal Asians for not being “Asian enough.”   
The details:
  • “I feel like SoCal Asians have the highest egos,” one of the hosts says in the clip, while another shares, “There’s a part of me like, if I meet Asians from these random ass states, right? I’m like bro… You’re not from Cali, bro. You just don’t know! But that’s like our problem.”
  • The perception of superiority stems from the prominence and influence of Asian culture in Southern California, which has a large Asian population and boasts various Asian events, restaurants and cultural shops, which many other parts of the U.S. may lack.
  • The clip has since garnered backlash from users who branded the hosts as “snobby” and “the white people of Asians.” “Why are y’all so snobby? Humble yourselves, literally the reason why people think SoCal Asians have that superiority complex,” one comment reads, while another says, “SoCal Asians are all npc to me. Yall all like a water down version of a white person.”
  • Heidi Kang, a TikTok user raised in Nebraska and Iowa, garnered over 4.6 million views for posting a stitch video responding to the podcast clip. Kang says in the clip, “This is exactly why other Asians outside of California have such a problem and disdain for SoCal Asians.”
  • She highlights instances of feeling pressured to prove her Asian identity to SoCal Asians and recounts being “interrogated” about her lifestyle choices as a means of assessing her cultural authenticity. 
More reactions:
  • Other social media users took a step away from criticizing the hosts and offered insights into the discussion. 
  • “I think the superiority complex of SoCal Asians come from less discrimination compared to Asians from other states. Growing up Asian in a school with 1 other Asian was pretty rough,” one user shared.
  • “Am I the only one who understood that they were admitting to their superiority complex?” another said. “I mean, at least they’re admitting that Asians from other states can be more cultured than SoCal and they’re aware of their flawed personality traits. They are probably used to this mindset growing up but at least they now know it’s a wrong and pretentious mindset. I don’t get malicious vibes from this take.”
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