Snapchat Releases New Content to Mark Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

Snapchat Releases New Content to Mark Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month
Bryan Ke
May 20, 2021
Snapchat has released new content and creative tools to help users celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month.
Different ways to celebrate: The social media platform has developed a series of “I Am APIDA” Lenses in partnership with creatives from the APIDA community, including Jiqai Wang, Badal Patel and Rachel Newman, according to Team Snap.
  • These new Lenses will help “uplift Snapchatters and encourage them to express themselves and their identities.” Additional Filters, Lenses, and an APIDA Pride Sticker Pack will also be released.
  • Snapchat plans on launching “As I Am,” a first-person Snap Original Series about Asian Americans that will “challenge and break down stereotypes, address ongoing discrimination, hate crimes and terrorism, while also shedding light on and celebrating the diverse array of experiences Asian-American people have today.”
  • In its statement, Snapchat said it is important to recognize the “long history of violence, racism and discrimination” that members of the APIDA community face.
Snapchat users show support: Around 41% of users from the United States and Canada answered a survey conducted between April 2-11, saying they would be participating in APIDA Month by educating themselves.
  • Users also believe it is important for brands to step up in voicing their support for the API community amid the rising anti-Asian hate crimes.
  • In addition to sharing educational materials, several users also want brands to “donate to support API communities, provide inspiration to celebrate, and partner or host events alongside nonprofit organizations.”
  • Brands can continue to take action to support the API community after May by “making public comments,” “running awareness campaigns,” “combating workplace bias” and “facilitating discussions among employees,” according to the users who took the survey.
Featured Image via Snapchat
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