Elderly Couple Gets Lost for 9 Hours Around Smog Covered Home in Chinese City

china smog

An elderly couple recently found themselves lost in the middle of the infamous smog covering the city of Nanjing, China and were left wandering for hours in an attempt to locate their house.

The couple reportedly left their home on Tuesday at around 9 a.m. to buy vegetables. Soon after leaving their home, the elderly couple lost their way and were left wandering around the city for 9 hours, Shanghaiist reported. Apparently, the couple were unable to tell one building from the next due to the heavy haze.

It wasn’t until 6 p.m. when the elderly couple received assistance from a helpful passerby who soon contacted the police.

Eventually, the authorities were lucky enough to get in touch with their daughter, who then escorted her parents back to their home after being contacted by the police.


Authorities warned residents to stay in doors as thick smog covered the city earlier this week. Drone footage taken from Nanjing shows the severity of the smog issue which nearly covered skyscrapers entirely, forcing the city to close a few roads and cancel flights.

Featured image (left) via Shanghaiist, (right) screenshot via Miaopai

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