Women Want Smiling Men For Relationships, Scowling Men for Hookups, Study Finds

While some men might count a brooding look as part of their charm, they may want to try smiling more often if it’s a long-term relationship they seek. A recent psychology study found that women prefer men who smile for lasting relationships over the more distressed and serious look, which women prefer for shorter flings.

The study, conducted by psychologists from the University of Oslo and Senshu University in Japan, had 218 women rate European and East Asian subjects who were smiling or had a neutral expression on attractiveness for either short- or long-term relationships. A second part of the study had 71 women rate smiling and neutral-faced men on masculinity and trustworthiness. 

Men who smiled seemed less masculine but more trustworthy and mature than those men who carried neutral expressions. The reasoning behind the preference is that long-term partnerships usually result in parenting where commitment and trust in a partner becomes an investment for women.

However, when trust isn’t required, the brooding “cool guy” look comes off as more masculine, which women prefer for hookups.

Either way, it’s good news for all guys who have that trusting smile.

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