Tokyo Store Uses ‘Smile Masks’ Which are Cool-Cool-Cool-Cool-Cool-Cool-No Doubt-No Doubt-No Doubt

smile masks

A comprehensive discount store in Tokyo has launched a campaign that has its employees wearing “smile masks.”

Takeya, which sells products from food to clothing to home appliances, launched the “Smile Campaign” earlier this month to make staff appear more friendly toward customers.


As COVID-19 forces the world to wear protective gear for infection control, masked Takeya employees have been unable to deliver services with a smile.

For this reason, the company came up with the campaign in a show of its commitment to exemplary customer service.

“Since the pandemic has normalized wearing masks, we’re launching a ‘Smile campaign’ to show how we would still like to deliver our smiles even through a mask,” Takeya said.

The masks were designed by employees themselves, and while they only come in two designs — one for males and another for females — it’s safe to say customers will find them hilarious.

Apparently, the campaign has become a huge success that Takeya started selling the masks to customers. However, they reportedly sell like pancakes, so those interested are required to make reservations.

smile masks

“All our employees wear a smile mask. We hope that customers who come to the store will smile with us through this funny design,” Takeya said.

smile masks

The campaign has since drawn various reactions on social media.

“This will be helpful when I actually feel like not smiling,” one Twitter user said.

Another joked, “It seems like you’re all in a sinister religion.”

Images via Takeya

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