Chinese Boy Chops Off Own Finger After Parents Scold Him For Being on the Phone a Lot

A rebellious 11-year-old boy from China decided to chop off his own finger after his parents scolded him for his smartphone addiction.

Identified only as Xiaopeng, the little boy took a kitchen knife and immediately cut off his left index finger after a heated argument with his parents over his excessive mobile phone use, reported Yahoo News (via Sina News).

The boy had been reportedly engrossed with his phone first thing after waking up and was undeterred even after his mother asked him to put it down.

When his father tried to intervene, the argument escalated, further frustrating the boy and causing him to sever his own finger as an apparent protest.

The young boy’s parents were caught off guard and failed to react quickly to his uniquely dramatic response.

Xiaopeng underwent a three-hour procedure in an attempt to reattach his finger. However, it was not immediately known if the operation was a 100% success and the child will continue to be under medical observation. Children have finer blood vessels, making reattachments more challenging for surgeons.

However the operation went, hopefully the boy has learned a valuable lesson.

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