Smart Shiba Inu Who Can Legit Speak Some Japanese Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Dogs are smart, but probably not as smart as Beni, a Shiba Inu who is now going viral on social media for his talent of casually speaking Japanese.

In the clip, which was posted on Twitter by Japanese user @a_t_k123, Beni can be heard imitating the sound his owner makes. And at one point, the talented pooch managed to to say “taberu,” the Japanese word for “eat,” according to SoraNews24.

Eat is not the only Japanese word Beni has in his limited but rather impressive vocabulary. At around the 14-second mark, he can be heard saying “hanbagu,” which is what Japan calls hamburger steaks.

Beni was a breeder dog before he joined the Twitter user’s family, but his talent to speak Japanese is only one of his quirks. He even knows how to wink.

He even likes to cosplay with his friends sometimes.

Even when he is afraid of water – or in this case the beach – he is still so darn cute.

Featured image via Twitter / a_t_k123

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