Japan Has a Talking ‘Anime’ Mirror That Tells You Everything You Love to Hear

Japan Has a Talking ‘Anime’ Mirror That Tells You Everything You Love to HearJapan Has a Talking ‘Anime’ Mirror That Tells You Everything You Love to Hear
A Japanese company is selling an interactive mirror that engages in communication all centered on a user’s appearance.
Novera, developed by the company of the same name, is a “smart mirror” that scans your face for blemishes and emotions, responding accordingly to what it sees.
Equipped with a camera, a monitor and a speaker, Novera interacts through the voice of unseen anime characters who seem to have mastered the art of flirting.
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One of them is Koki Takano, played by Yuki Kaji, who is best known for lending his voice to Eren from “Attack on Titan.”
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In a demonstration video, Takano replies “Good morning!” to a woman and compliments her appearance as soon as she faces the smart mirror.
“Your eyes are so big. When you look right at me, it makes my heart race,” SoraNews24 quoted the character as saying.
Novera, which also comes with a clock, initiates the conversation in another part of the video, asking the woman if she’s heading to bed soon and reminding her to get enough sleep.
The woman then faces the mirror and hears, “Your skin looks great today, as usual.”
Novera also functions as a modern camera filter, altering the user’s face with recommended makeup styles for a before-and-after comparison.
But perhaps a bigger selling point is the mirror’s ability to deal with human emotions, which was also showcased in the video.
“Are you feeling down these days?” Takano asks after noticing the woman’s frown.
“I’m feeling confused about a lot of things,” the woman replies.
“If you’re feeling sad, then I feel sad too,” Takano answers back. “Hey, will you smile for me? Please?”
As the woman smiles, Takano responds with yet another compliment.
“Ah, you really do have a beautiful smile. Seeing it makes me smile too. I’ll try even harder to support you.”
Novera is yet to announce its mirror’s price, but prospective buyers can expect it ahead of the product’s pre-selling later this year.
Netizens have mixed feelings about the mirror:
“I really want it.”
“Will you discard it when you finally have a boyfriend?”
“I will not be able to leave this mirror.”
“I guess there are a lot of lonely people in Japan.”
“Thank you for making a wonderful, nice mirror. I feel like I’m gonna do my best all day long.”
What do you think about Novera?
Image via YouTube / Novera Inc.
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