Viral dashcam video shows small pet dog being abandoned in middle of crowded road in China

  • A heartbreaking video of a small dog being dumped from a car into the middle of a busy road in China has gone viral, prompting a police search for the suspect.
  • Taken by the dash cam of another car, the video shows the driver opening their car door and dropping a small white dog onto the road as vehicles continue to pass.
  • The distressed dog then jumps and scratches at the car door while attempting to jump back in through the window.
  • The dog was rescued uninjured by a security guard at a nearby restaurant.

Dashcam footage caught the heartbreaking moment a small dog was abandoned by its owner in the middle of a busy road in China.

In a video posted to Weibo on Monday, a driver is seen opening their car door and letting a small white dog out onto a road filled with traffic in Guangdong Province of southern China. The owner’s face cannot be seen in the video.

The abandoned dog then jumps and scratches at the car door, trying to get back in through the car window. After numerous failed attempts, the distressed dog attempts to cross the busy road as a large truck follows closely behind.

Soon after, the dog was rescued unharmed by a security guard, surnamed Feng, at a nearby restaurant, reported Guangdong Television per South China Morning Post.

“Many cars were stuck in traffic, and the dog was running back and forth looking for its owner,” Feng explained. “I saved it so that it wouldn’t be hit by a car. I gave the dog to a friend who is a pet lover, and he bathed it and bought a lot of pet supplies for it.”

Feng stated that an individual had volunteered to adopt the dog; however, he declined as the individual was not the dog’s original owner.

Local traffic police are searching for the owner for abandoning the dog and impeding traffic.

Weibo users were left outraged, criticizing the owner for abuse and not finding a safer alternative. 

 “It’s pitiful. If you don’t want it, look for adoption. Why throw it in the traffic? There are so many cars that can easily cause traffic accidents,” one user wrote. 

“If you don’t want to keep a dog, you can give it to people. Why should you leave it on the road full of cars? Fortunately, the dog’s life is very big, and it was saved by a kind-hearted person!” another user commented.

Featured Image: Weibo

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