NextShark & ADMERASIA Launches Map to Help BIPOC-owned Small Businesses in Crisis

NextShark & ADMERASIA Launches Map to Help BIPOC-owned Small Businesses in Crisis
Maina Chen
July 1, 2020
NextShark and ADMERASIA have teamed up to launch an interactive donation map to help BIPOC-owned businesses affected by looters who took advantage of the Black Lives Matter protests to steal and damage property.
Utilizing key trends from ADMERASIA’s previous collaboration with NextShark on the Racism is Contagious website, ADMERASIA developed an interactive mapping system designed to intake data from fundraising campaigns for negatively-impacted small businesses.
The map gathered data from fundraisers and local organizations whose goals are to support businesses, including those added to NextShark’s business donation list. In order to better visualize the small businesses affected, ADMERASIA included tabs to find which states and cities the businesses belong to. There is also a tab to direct those looking to donate or volunteer at a BIPOC business in need of help.

ADMERASIA’s map was built using the Google Maps API. The system allows for:
  • Search functions by a variety of parameters, including small businesses or local organizations, geo-location, and requests for donations or volunteer opportunities.
  • Plug-ins through a variety of third-party crowdfunding platforms including GoFundMe, with real-time integration on the status of funding and goals.
  • Integrated intake through NextShark’s submission form, allowing for a real-time population of new and ongoing campaigns.
  • Status-based pin display automatically turns pins to green when a campaign objective has been fulfilled, providing recognition of the tangible impact of communal giving.
  • Responsive iFrame allows for the population of the map and supporting content natively into the NextShark website.
Three national organizations have pledged “their support to empowering, uplifting, and healing the Asian American Community.”
#Hateisavirus is a campaign started by three Asian American entrepreneurs and leaders dedicated to raising awareness about the racism targeting Asians and Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.
ADMERASIA and NextShark will be partnering up with #HATEISAVIRUS for the next Raise A Million rally to be held in late August to raise $1 million in support of Asian-owned small businesses affected by COVID-19.
On the ADMERASIA landing page, there is a link to their charity and “Small Business Relief Fund.”
Support the Cities is a small organization of volunteers based in Minneapolis who are dedicated to restoring the city after the damage caused by riots and looting.
Give Essential is a website, created by Dartmouth students, that matches frontline workers’ requests for essential supplies with donations from across the U.S. On the landing page is a link to their website requests or donations that can be made.
If you are a BIPOC-owned small business in need of assistance, please fill out this form.
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