SM Entertainment launches K-pop academy for aspiring idols

SM Entertainment launches K-pop academy for aspiring idolsSM Entertainment launches K-pop academy for aspiring idols
Editorial Staff
March 15, 2023
SM Universe Academy, a K-pop educational institution co-founded by SM Entertainment, has recently opened its doors to its first-ever cohort of students.
Earlier today, the school, located in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, welcomed aspiring stars to the start of a three-year program that helps students learn how to break into the K-pop industry.
Students can attend the academy in lieu of regular high school and focus on dance, modeling, producing, vocals and acting, among other majors. Typical high school classes will not be available to SM Universe Academy students, who will instead take classes that will help them prepare for GED exams.
Each cohort will reportedly consist of 120 students, with auditions for the next one set to start in July or August. Aspiring idols will expect to pay between 8.8 to 10 million Korean won (approximately $6,680 to $7,590) per term, depending on their major.
As stated on the school’s website, invited mentors include SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man, SM Entertainment CEO Chris Lee and K-pop veterans such as Kangta, BADA and U-KNOW.

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