Asian Residents Believe They Were Targeted After Man Cuts Brakes of 18 Cars in Washington

slash brakes

Des Moines police in Washington state are searching for a man who was captured by several porch cameras sabotaging at least 18 cars by slashing their brakes.

Jackie Tran, one of the victims, only realized what happened to her car when her brakes failed to respond after pulling out of her driveway, leaving her in a state of panic, according to KOMO News.

“I try to brake and I just lose,” Tran said. “I do the brakes several times and I still lose.”

“I tried to back up but I was so scared I couldn’t do anything,” she added.

In one of the porch camera footage, a man can be seen kneeling by a car and spending a minute to cut through its brake lines before moving away.

Another camera also captured him picking up his next target. Tran’s husband, Peter, believes the culprit is targeting Asian Americans.

“He went to that house right there,” he said. “That is also a Vietnamese house. So my question is how come he skips all of these houses and targeted that house? It’s an Asian American.”

However, Des Moines police said they received 18 other reports of the same incident since Monday. They added that not all of the cases are from Asian Americans, with some of the reports coming from outside of the community.

Those who have information are encouraged to call the police at 206-878-3301.

Feature Image via KOMO News

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