Skater Vincent Zhou Just Pulled Off a Move No One Has Ever Done Before at the Winter Olympics

Quad Lutz Vincent Zhou

Meet Vincent Zhou.

Vincent Zhou

He’s the youngest member of Team USA competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics and has successfully done something no other figure skater has ever achieved before: landed a clean quad Lutz at the Olympics.

The historic move was landed during the men’s short program on Friday; up until this point, no one had ever ever landed the quad Lutz cleanly at an Olympic games.

Vincent Zhou Quad Lutz

Netizens were floored by his performance, cheering on his incredible precision, grace, and strength:

The group that composed the song he performed to even chimed in on his phenomenal feat!

Keep slaying, Vincent!

Vincent Zhou

Featured Image via Instagram / (Left):  govincentzhou | Twitter / (Right): NBCOlympics

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