Instagram Model Has the Best Response to Body Shamers Calling Her Too Skinny

Social media influencers who put themselves out there are inevitably exposed to the scrutiny of others. One Instagram model, Sjana Earp, is standing up against all the haters who are criticizing her slender figure and aims to empower people to embrace their own unique body shapes.
The 20-year-old Instafamous Australian model has 1 million followers on her account and is known for posting lifestyle pictures. She can often be seen posing in bikinis in tropical destinations or doing yoga poses on the beach.
With such a mass following, cyberbullying and hateful comments are bound to show up in one form or another. Earp recently spoke out in defense of her “imperfect body” against harsh critics who say her body is too “skinny” or “gross.”
She asked her followers in a post: “Just because I have a very slender frame does this mean I should shame my own body and others that are also this way?”
“I am so much more than a body — I know that. I am not defined by numbers or by other people’s opinions of me. And the body I have, as imperfect or ‘skinny’ or ‘gross’ as people may think it is, is my imperfect body and I am happy with it despite their irrelevant opinions.”
The Instagrammer has learned to develop a thick skin against such comments and is adamant about blocking users who wish to engage in cyberbullying.
Earp is comfortable in her own skin and body as she expressed in a post, “I am not going to apologise for posting an image of myself … I’m not going to shame my own body because other people don’t believe it is attractive or ‘normal.’ ”
“But to embrace their own forms despite all the flaws and imperfections they see.”
Earp hopes to inspire others to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.
She explained: “To me, that is beautiful. Not being a certain weight, size or body shape. My account is about inspiring, empowering, and accepting everyone. It is a place for kindness not criticism, ridicule or judgment.”
She believes that a person’s worth is not defined by their outer appearances, but rather by their character, optimism, resilience, strength, values, determination, and the way they perceive the world. Instead of aspiring to fit an idealized body image, she wants her followers to embrace their own body types and be fit, happy, and confident.
Her inspiring words about body image have been praised by her followers. One follower wrote:
“I kept following your page because you are so much more than a pretty girl with a fit body.”
Another user commented:
“I recently unfollowed all the models and fitness pages because I began to realise they gave me an unhealthy body image. I thought I needed to look like them.
h/t: DailyMail
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