New Show Tackles The Crap Asian American Women Deal With Everyday

New Show Tackles The Crap Asian American Women Deal With Everyday
Ryan General
By Ryan General
February 27, 2017
Being an Asian in America can be a mixed bag of humorous, nuanced, and, at times, upsetting life experiences. 
Fortunately, comedy duo SJ & Ginny have come up with a web series to tackle various issues affecting Asians, specifically Asian women, in America.  
The 5-part web series, presented as a helpful video guide entitled “Quiet Tiny Asian”, features actor and writer SJ Son teaching her niece about the things she should expect while growing up as an Asian woman in the U.S. Delivered in humorous anecdotes, each episode from the series touches on the different ways people perceive Asians, from their looks, language, and even dating partners. Most of these “lessons” are based on the common stereotypes and microaggressions Asians face every day.
The YouTube video description states: “Being a Quiet Tiny Asian has never been easier, thanks to these 5 easy lessons. Join QTA as she teaches her baby niece (and you!) how to successfully be Asian in America. And if you mess up, don’t worry, people will be sure to correct you!”
While the intelligently written shorts are a funny way to tackle some serious issues, they do carry the message across.
Hopefully, the web series will also help to educate the actual target audience — anyone ignorant enough think that saying, “You speak English really well!” to an Asian-looking person is somehow a compliment.
SJ&GINNY are a comedy duo composed of SJ Son and Ginny Leise based in New York city.
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