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Chinese Sixth Grader Ends Up in ER After Downing 7 Bottles of Baiju at Graduation Party

One 6th-grader in China took his graduation party too far after downing seven bottles of baijiu liquor at a party and having to be admitted to a hospital afterwards.

More than 20 students at a primary school in Jinan, Shandong Province, gathered for a banquet at a local hotel to celebrate their upcoming graduation.

One boy, identified only as Gao Gao, decided to drink seven bottles of erguotou, a strong kind of baijiu made from sorghum, with an alcohol content of 56%, Shanghaiist reported.

The drunk youngster was rushed to the hospital where his stomach had to be pumped before being moved into the ICU for a three-day treatment.

Gao Gao’s grandfather believes his grandson consumed about a pound of alcohol.

He added that the 13-year-old is a “very sincere and upright boy,” and that he had never tried any baijiu before the incident at the banquet, although he apparently had a taste for it.

The owner of the hotel, meanwhile, did not have a clue the rowdy teens would bring the bottles of baijiu inside the building, and explained that they don’t even sell erguotou with 56% ABV levels.

Two nearby supermarkets also claimed they had no idea how the underaged students got a hold of the liquor bottles.

The World Health Organization lists no drinking age limit in China, but a 2006 ban instituted a drinking age of 18, which isn’t enforced.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Clément Bucco-Lechat (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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