Sisters Spend $2,200 Just to Meet Their Favorite Korean Idol, Regret It Soon After

Sisters Spend $2,200 Just to Meet Their Favorite Korean Idol, Regret It Soon After
King Malleta
By King Malleta
November 17, 2016
Two sisters based in the Philippines were so determined to meet their favorite Korean idol Lee Jong Suk that they shelled out $2,200 for a chance to meet him in Singapore.
Twin sisters Vina and Rona Bautista were both eager to see their idol Lee Jong Suk and willing to spend more than $2,000 just to avail the VIP Fan meet in Singapore.  
According to The New Paper (via AsiaOne), the Korean actor, who is the star of the popular Korean drama “W”, was in Singapore for his first meet and greet in Southeast Asia.
The Bautista sisters, who are avid fans of the Korean actor, revealed that they spent $2,200 for their trip to Singapore.
“I always thought I would only see him on TV, but I actually got to see him in real life this time round. When I went to Korea in August, I even visited some of the W drama film sites,” Vina said.
She added that they originally planned to see Lee Jong Suk in a fan meet that was supposed to happen in Bangkok. However, it was later cancelled because of the Thai King’s passing. Vina added they already booked their plane tickets to Thailand which they paid $900 for. Unfortunately, they were not able to get a refund.
So when the sisters heard that Lee Jong Suk would be in Singapore, they didn’t let the opportunity pass.
The Korean actor prepared several segments for his fans during a meet and greet for 1,800 fans screaming of excitement.
Although the Bautista sisters finally got what they wanted, Vina said that the event was “not very fair” considering the amount they paid just to be able to get in.
“Even after buying the most expensive tickets, we were not even selected for the group photo-taking session nor did we receive sound- check passes, while some people got both. It’s not very fair,” Vina recounted the incident.
Well, in the case of the Bautista sisters, it looks like the heart wants what it wants even if it means spending thousands of dollars in exchange for a few minutes with your idol.
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