Japan Has ‘Dining Capsules’ For Single People Who Don’t Want to See or Talk to Anyone

Diners who don’t have anyone to share a meal with at family restaurants can now find solace in the new single-person dining capsules in Japan.

Family restaurant chain Gusto reportedly decided to introduce single-person semi-private dining boxes after noticing so many students and young adults eating alone in their outlets.

Made to look more like office cubicles than traditional restaurant tables, the capsules practically allow its diners to avoid eye contact with others, according to Soranews24.

The dining booths not only provide solo customers some privacy during meal time, but it also gives them special amenities that would make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Aside from providing food and drink items not usually found in coffee shops, Gusto offers free Wi-Fi to its clientele, which is perfect for students and young workers, who find the cubicles to be perfect study lounges or offices for mobile and online jobs. Ordering food was also made more convenient as customers need only to point at pictures on the menu to have them delivered.

Since each box has multiple power outlets, diners can keep their electrical devices charged up, allowing them to extend their stay if they want to.

Gusto’s single-person box seat is a great option for anyone traveling across Japan who needs some private time to eat their meals while also getting some work done on the road.

The solo seats can be now found at Gusto’s Tokyo branches in Akasaka Mitsuke, Azabujuban, Hatagaya, Higashi Ikebukuro, Kameari Station North Exit, Kichijoji, Medai-mae, Mito Keio Daigaku-mae, and Shinbashi.

Featured image via Twitter/藤田雄一郎@Funds

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